DuroSport Teams With Star Trek For Exclusive Video Download Service

Star Trek Demastered

The Star Trek entertainment franchise has taken a quantum leap forward in technology by entering into a partnership with the DuroSport corporation. As a result of the partnership, DuroSport has been named the exclusive distributor of the new “Star Trek: DeMastered” video series.

Star Trek fans can purchase the new “Demastered” series through DuroSport’s revolutionary new DuroView video download service. By addressing many of the problematic issues plaguing current video download services, DuroView will be a major breakthrough in portable digital video distribution.

DuroSport spokesperson Nero Tarlev explains, “most of the current video download services are experimental toys. DuroView is the video download service of the future today.”

Tarlev notes that it’s appropriate the new service is debuting with Star Trek programming because “so much of the original Star Trek technology was stolen from early product prototypes we were developing in Moldova in the early 60s”.

DuroView will allow Trek fans to re-live the classic years of television by watching one of the greatest programs of all time as it was originally seen in Moldova.

All DuroView programs will include the following special features:

  • DuroView videos are compatible only with the new Prism DuroSport 6001 (also known as the SL-6001VRMP in some markets). Visit the new DuroStore to purchase a Prism 6001.
  • Original 4:4 aspect ratio, the standard aspect ratio for the Moldovan broadcast industry throughout the 1960s.
  • Original Moldovan commercials.
  • Commentary by DuroSport employees about their favorite Star Trek episodes.

With the release of the “Star Trek: DeMastered” series DuroSport is also introducing an innovative new approach to DRM that will ensure your video downloads remain safe and secure for years to come.

Please consider the following system specifications and requirements before purchasing a DuroView video:

  • Downloads are available by appointment only. Please complete a download request form for each episode you wish to purchase.
  • A state-of-the-art 28.8kbs modem is required to access the download servers.
  • Local dial-up numbers are available throughout most of Eastern Europe. Users outside of this area may incur long-distance charges when dialing into the service.
  • Each download will be personalized by a DuroSport employee and include the purchaser’s user ID, password, and credit card number. Sharing with your friends will be like telling the world you are a pirate. No one wants to be a pirate. Pirates aren’t cool.

You can find more information on this exciting new service on the DuroSport Insider blog.